Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holy crap, you guys — Hockey Players With Pets now has 10,000 followers (and just in time for Christmas, too)! I’m not big on celebrating milestones, but this is a big one.

To thank all of you for following, here’s a little gift for you: the top ten most popular posts* on HPWP.

10. Jaromir Jagr and a black cat (331 notes)
09. Sidney Crosby and his dog, Sam (332 notes)
08. Evgeni Malkin and a puppy (348 notes)
07. Brendan Gallagher and his cuddle buddy, Gus (352 notes)
06. Brendan Gallagher and Gus (yes, again) (398 notes)
05. Brandon Pirri and a kitten (411 notes)
04. David Backes getting dragged by a dog on the ice (576 notes)
03. Evgeni Malkin and his dog, Jeffrey (583 notes)
02. Bobby Ryan and his cats, Prince and Pelle (1,429 notes)

And the reigning champion with 1,491 notes is…

Niklas Hjalmarsson with a kitten! Because what’s cuter than a Swede smooching a tiny cat, right?

* Not counting reblogs (since I didn’t originally post them, it’s harder to figure out how many notes came posting them on this site) or videos (because I can’t put them into this fancy picture collage).

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